Found : Unknown from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Found : “Bugsy” – no tags on collar for real name from Derby, Kansas

Very sweet dog; lots of notices to authorities and facebook with NO calls yet.

Lost Dog : Benito from Altadena, California

Lost Cat : Jinxy from Saint Paul Park, Minnesota

Is timid, will very frightened, does not like other cats, very aware and cautious, not aggressive, picky eater, vocal when minimally bothered or hungry.

Lost Dog : Binky from Houston, Texas

Lost Dog : Piper from Hanahan, South Carolina

Lost Bird : Koopa from Cadillac, Michigan

Likes beeps and whistles, the song Thrift Shop, and is friendly. If seen, do not attempt to rescue, just call.

Success Story : Zoe has been reunited!

Zoe's children will be beyond happy this morning when they wake to find that their girl is home:)   After running the streets of Wilmington for about 14 hours yesterday, she finally made it back to original place she escaped from and approached her momma.  Countless number of people tried to retrieve her and so many reached out and called my cell with updates on her where abouts.  At least two of those calls I was  in the the immediate vicinity but I was never able to spot her.  She is a rescue dog who has been with the family for a little more than 4 weeks.  So she became very skittish around anybody that encountered her, but she obviously knows and loves her new family because when she had the opportunity to reunite with her mom, she didn't hesitate.  If it hadn't been for everyone's efforts, we would have never known she was still in in our area. Everyone's help is so greatly appreciated!  The community of Wilmington rocks!!

Found : Unknown from Griffin, Georgia

Success Story : Bali came home!

Bali came back to her foster home at 5am this morning safe and sound; she has only been in Vermont at this home for 3 days and she came back after slipping out of the hands of her Foster Mom after a frightful loud noise of a smoker falling over on to the cement!  We are so thrilled she is back!