Found : Unknown from Pasadena, California

Was found in Monrovia, CA (at Mayflower and Huntington Drive). Taken to Humane Society on the 28th and is still there now. Call 6267927151 for more info on Dog ID# A367287

Lost Dog : Bailey from Holbrook, Massachusetts

Shy, timid but also friendly. Likely to be scared.

Lost Kitten : Mira (Muffin Madonna from AHS) from Atlanta, Georgia

Lost Cat : Belle from The Plains, Virginia

Belle was chased off by neighbors dog, probably scared and skittish

Lost Dog : Lukka from Alexandria, Virginia

He has a red collar with black dog bones and a red name tag attached. VERY FRIENDLY!

Lost Cat : Joey from Lakeville, Minnesota

We love Joey and miss him so much. He’s a rescue kitty and my daughter’s cat. Please help us bring him home.

Lost dog : Myron from Salisbury, Massachusetts

Please Help bring our puppy home to he’s family.

Lost Cat : Captain Jack from minneapolis, Minnesota

Lost Cat : Buddy from Baltimore, Maryland

Buddy went missing either Saturday night 10/25 or early morning Sunday 10/26. Somewhere in the area of Bank St and South Durham in Upper Fells Pt

Success Story : Coco is Home!

My pet was found by a neighbor but he also received a call from He found the pet before he listened to his message from you so he called me to confirm that my pet was one in the same. So either way, Coco would have been found. Thanks so much.