Lost Dog : Max from Port Orchard , Washington

Scared of strangers, very nice, won\’t bite, may bark

What to do if your dog is missing

If you have a dog you know as well as anybody that they truly become part of the family. They are a friend and loved one and each has a personality all of its own that leads to a lifelong bond between pet and owner. This also means that the pain is palpable should your pet happen to go missing. Speedy retrieval is a priority, especially as dogs are domesticated animals and are liable to struggle if left to their own devices for too long. With that in mind, here’s a list of steps to take should you believe your dog is missing.missing dog

1. Search the house

As silly as it sounds, it may well be possible that your dog isn’t missing but has simply fallen asleep somewhere that you don’t usually associate with them or is otherwise exploring in the garden or in the general vicinity. Do a quick sweep of the house and be sure to check any location that the dog may be able to access.

2. Put out an alert

Once you are certain that your dog is missing, use FindToto’s lost pet neighborhood alert system to get the message out to as many people as possible in the local area. The odds are that your dog will still be somewhere close by so if you can use our systems to make sure as many people as possible are aware you have more eyes and ears on the issue.  Most times people find your pet and will take them in trying to find the owner.  Our alerts go out into the homes where your pet may be.

3. Man the phones

Once the alert has been sent out the natural inclination is to begin physically searching for your pet. We encourage this by all means, but we also urge you to ensure that somebody is available at the phone number that is associated with your dog, either from the alert, collar or a microchip. You want somebody to be there if the call is made that your dog has been found and it can save a lot of fruitless searching.  During this time print out your lost pet flyers from our site and start posting them.

4. Ask around and call local shelters

In the immediate aftermath of your pet going missing it is still entirely possible that it has simply jumped a couple of garden fences and is exploring in somebody else’s back yard. Make phone calls and knock doors to ask your immediate neighbors to be on the lookout and to let you know if they see anything. Also be sure to contact any animal shelters or vets in the vicinity, even if you have sent out an alert. Let them know that your dog is missing and may be delivered to them if it happens to be found. Make sure they have relevant contact details in case the animal is delivered to them. This is especially important if the animal does not have a microchip.

5. Continue your efforts

Don’t lose hope at any point if your dog isn’t found within a few hours of going missing. There are numerous examples of dogs going missing for days and even weeks yet still being safely returned to their owners. Hand out flyers, send out alerts and remain vigilant to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Missing Dog

Lost Dog : Ponyo from Charleston, South Carolina

Ponyo (pawn-yo) got out of the gate at 11pm. Collar was off but is microchipped. She needs her medication for a rash on her inside thigh.

Lost Dog : Ava Webb from Kearneysville, West Virginia

Please call 304 951 1239 we need our baby back this thanksgiving!

Lost cat : Bailey taylor from Huntington station, New York

Lost Dog : Penny Lane from Shirley , New York

$200 REWARD!! Penny is a one year old hound mix that got loose by Pathmark on Montauk Highway on 11/24/14. She was hit by a car at Best Yet market and kept running, she may have been hit another two times crossing William Floyd Parkway towards Applebee’s. She is very friendly, she loves chicken and car rides, and knows what

Lost Dog : Bengamin from Weymouth, Massachusetts

Beng is the sweetest rescue Pup please be gentle please do not chase & please call me at 617-980-1728

Lost Dog : Crumpet from Norwalk, Connecticut

He was hit on the post road

Lost Cat : Cleo from Duxbury, Massachusetts

She has an identical brother, Leo, that has brown eyes, we still have him.

Lost Cat : Sanjay from Parkville/Carney, Maryland

Sanjay is very old and skinny. He will be loud, thirsty and disoriented.