Lost Dog : Daisy from Natick, Massachusetts

Wearing brown leather collar, no tags

Success Story : Midge has been found!

We found our dog, thanks!

Lost Dog : Jeffrey from Bristol, Tennessee

Last seen at RacheLs Lane and Trammel Rd. approx 4 weeks ago

Lost Cat : Spaz from Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts

He was wearing a purple collar with id tag, but may have lost it. He is microchipped. He is friendly and very food motivated.

Lost Dog : Midge from Mountainside, New Jersey

Found : Unknown from Danbury, Connecticut

Lost Cat : Rina from Pasco, Washington

Lost Dog : Punkin from Kent, Washington

Success Story : Tamale is home!

I have my dog back !
Thank you so much for all of your help yesterday !
I would definitely recommend your service.
A construction worker rescued my dog- who was hiding on a small ledge under a highway bridge…. scared to death.
She is in good shape tho, and sleeping now.
Take care

Found : ? from Discovery Bay , California