Found : Unknown from Pilot Hill, California

Seen in July 2015 caught in Oct 2015

Lost Dogs : Zoey and Rachel from Dickerson, Maryland

Success Story : Bubba was Found!

Lost Dog : Molly from Rising Sun, Maryland

Lost Dog : Bubba from Revere, Massachusetts

We just moved Texas visiting family in Massachusetts, unfamiliar area for dog. PLEASE HELP!!

Found : BLACK LAB MALE from San Antonio, Texas

FOUND BLACK LAB, MALE, not neutered....Monday, November 23, 2015, North East Side of San Antonio, TX. (Judson/OConnor/Green Mountain Rd.) Black Lab with distinguishing WHITE MARK UNDER RIGHT EYE. Black Lab looks to be very docile, quiet, sits on command and is house trained. When found, Lab must have been given a bath, was clean, obviously not a stray, clipped nails, Per my Veterinarian very clean teeth. Is very patient and good with children, cats and other dogs. Please contact me!!! Would like to find this good boy his parents and get him back home as soon as possible.

Success Story : He’s Home!!

safe and sound :)

Lost Dog : Noah from New Haven, Connecticut

sweet and friendly dog. About 3 and a half years old.

Lost Dog : Jessie from San Antonio, Texas

Lost Dog : Letti from Hugo, Minnesota