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FindToto Alert Features

  • Immediate Action Taken after order
  • Alerts Delivered within Minutes
  • Human Recorded Message for voice broadcast
  • Detailed Call Log of Alert Delivered
  • Alerts Posted on Facebook/Instagram and a comp'd Twitter alert
  • Specialized Message option Available-just call us

FindToto Alert Benefits

  • Friendly, Available & Helpful Staff
  • Rapid & Street Address Targeted Alerts
  • Most Current Home Phone Database
  • Print Ready Flyers
  • Respected, Trusted and Used by Animal Shelters, Control Officers, Humane Societies, Rescues, Vets and Pet Trackers/Detectives Nationwide

It's the feeling no dog or cat owner wants — that sinking sensation of checking the animal shelter control services or pound after hours of calling for your dog but not having him respond. If Toto's leash is still in the back yard but isn't there, maybe a suspicious break in the fence or a hole dug underneath it, your dog may have decided to go on an adventure. The problem of course...these adventures can turn dangerous very quickly. We want to help!

Recently Found Pets


  • Sunny - Illinois

    Lost Date : December 14, 2017

    Found Date : December 15, 2017

  • Luci - Georgia

    Lost Date : August 08, 2017

    Found Date : August 15, 2017

  • Found our dog

    Tinkerbell - South Carolina

    Lost Date : December 05, 2017

    Found Date : December 06, 2017

Emergency “Pet Amber Alert” Service for Lost Dogs, Missing & Stolen Pets (Dog, Cats, Kittens, Puppies)

Lost Pet Alerts
At, we help you find your lost dog, cat, puppy or kitten with our revolutionary Pet Amber Alert System. Did you go to your local Animal Shelter to find your lost dog or missing cat wasn't there? Then FindToto is your next best resource to bring your lost dog or missing pet home. We've already helped over 10,000 lost pet owners find their lost dogs and cats so let us help you find your missing pet now. Finding your lost pet is now more hopeful than ever with FindToto's advanced "Pet Amber Alert" lost pet finder phone call alert service. We immediately call thousands of your neighbor's to notify them of your lost dog, missing cat, or lost/stolen pet! Send your "Pet Amber Alert" phone calls FIRST and then use FindToto's lost pet flyers to start posting around your neighborhood. Lost pet flyers and posters can take hours and days while FindToto's "Pet Amber Alert" rescue service phone calls can be broadcasted within minutes. The combination of FindToto's alert phone call service and lost dog/cat flyers will be the best way to "help find your lost pet."
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