About Us

About FindToto - The Pet Finding Alert Service Team

My inspiration to provide a notification service stems from my own personal loss. I lost my cat, and best friend Cutie McPretty.

I spent hours upon hours, which soon turned into days, searching for her. I combed the neighborhood with flyers, knocked on countless doors, contacted shelters and animal hospitals, and exhausted all the tips the Internet could provide to help me find her, and still no Cutie McPretty.

Because I work full-time, I knew it would be impossible for me to contact everyone in my community to notify them about Cutie McPretty.

After attempting every obvious method possible (minus hiring “Ace Ventura”), I soon realized that not everything had been done to find Cutie. Yes, I had knocked all the doors possible but more than half of my neighbors weren’t even home. I thought, “I really wish I could call all of my neighbors and at least leave a message.”

That was the moment when the idea hit me.

I was basically looking for a service that would allow me to instantly contact my neighborhood and surrounding communities to alert them of my missing pet. I searched around everywhere and found that no such calling service existed.

I still believe to this day that had my neighbors been notified of Cutie McPretty, she may be home with me today. At least, I would have had the peace of mind knowing that I did everything possible to find my beloved friend.

And that's what we hope brought you to We help reunite pets with their owners. With over 10,000 lost pets found and counting, we’re here to make sure you did everything possible to find your beloved one.

We are a family-owned company located in Brentwood, CA.