Accidents Can Happen – Even With Your Pets

Happy endings do exist and sometimes arrive in the middle of a snowstorm. That was the case for a 5-year old dog named Bo, and his humans.
Bo had become the center of attention in the media when he and his humans, Derek and Prudence Deveaux, of the Jacksonville, Fla. area, were involved in a car crash on U.S. 35.
Derek said Bo, an American bulldog / pitbull mix, was in the back seat with a family friend and upon impact, was thrown to the front seat with he and his wife. There was also the chaos of air bags deploying and simply making sure all those in the car were OK.Social Media Lost Pet Alerts
When it was safe to do so, Derek said those in the car began to exit, and upon opening the door, Bo panicked and ran from the scene. Derek said he attempted to chase him but lost the pup. In the meantime, Prudence, who suffered some injuries, was taken to Pleasant Valley Hospital.
EMS workers could see how distraught the Deveauxs were in losing Bo and decided to use social media to get the word out. The story immediately went viral.
In less than 48 hours, Derek said Bo's story on Facebook had reached 120,000 people. Some local volunteers also made flyers about the dog to pass out to those in the area who didn't utilize social media. Derek said friends from Florida raised money to offer local people gas cards or gift cards for coffee, but no one accepted them. They just wanted to help.
However, as of Monday morning, the dog was still missing during some of the worst weather the area has seen all winter. Derek, who is from Michigan and accustomed to snow, said even he was taken aback by the frigid conditions when out searching for his dog, saying he knew Bo had to be “freezing” and doing so in a completely strange place.

Monday morning, Derek and Prudence flew out of Columbus to head home to Florida, forced to return without their dog but hoping the search efforts would pay off — and they did. Derek said about 9:30 a.m. Monday, he received a text on the flight back to Florida that said Bo had been found by a paramedic who works for HealthNet Aeromedical Services.
The paramedic saw Bo along U.S. 35 near where the accident happened, pulled his vehicle over, opened the door and called the dog by name. Bo jumped into Blank's vehicle and the happy ending commenced.
Lost Pet Alert ServiceBo was taken to an area veterinarian, where he received a wellness check and was sent home with Blank to foster him for a few days. However, Bo's amazing journey doesn't end there. Derek said Blank has a friend who has arranged for Bo to fly back to Jacksonville on a private jet as soon as that's possible.
Derek said when the accident first happened and the dog disappeared in whiteout and arctic conditions, he felt “doomed.” He said, here he and his wife were in a place they didn't know, in what seemed like the middle of nowhere.
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Accidents happen...

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