Found : Unkwn from Corpus Christi, Texas

We will hold as long as I can sadly I do not have a permanent place for Her

Lost Dog : Wingman and Maverick from Woodbine, Maryland

Lost Dog : Bryce from Sheffield, Massachusetts

Please do not chase. Approach with food or contact me at 413-528-5220

Lost Dog : Ajax from Catawba, North Carolina

Lost Dog : Bella from Hoffmeister , New York

Lost Cat : Ralphie from Milton , Georgia

My wife Lindsey and I live adjacent to the large field that surround the middle and elementary schools at the corner of Cogburn and Windward Pkwy.

As of this past Sat morning, our long haired domestic orange colored cat Ralphie, we believe slipped out the garage.

Ralphie is 6 years of age, approximately 8 lbs, with long orange fur with a curly underbelly. He’s quite skittish around people he doesn’t know and other animals.

Ralphie is microchiped with our updated address of 2610 Hopewell Plantation Drive.

Success Story : Cali Koo Koo is HOME!

Lost Dog : Estie from Glenview, Illinois

Estie is micro-chipped, wearing his tags and a collar. He is small and chubby, with pointy ears, and a stubby tail. He answers to Estie, Estevan, and Boostie.

Found : Unknown from Paso Robles, California

Lost Cat : Cali Koo Koo from Southbury, Connecticut