Lost Cat : Sebastian from Pittsford, New York

Sebastian is a friendly cat that sometimes wanders in the neighborhood. Since he is older, I am worried that he forgets how to find his way home. If found, please call or text 585.455.3638.

Lost Cat : Soma from Mill Valley, California

Soma lives in Mill Valley on Sycamore. Someone took her to the Strawberry neighborhood and let her out.

Lost Cat : Sally from Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Female tabby gray and tan with black stripes and green eyes. She has a short tail. Sally enjoys people and is very sociable. Not at all skittish. No collar. Declawed. Sally lives at the Historic Brookstown Inn. Indoor/Outdoor cat

Lost Cat : Sumi from Asheville, North Carolina

Found : Unknown from Lakewood, Washington

Found kitten at abandoned house

Success Story : Thor is back home!!!

Thor is back home! We are extremely happy that Thor is back home! Everything we did  was key to find him. The flyers were extremely important! The people whou found him so the flyers and call me 🙂

Lost Cat : Idgy from Dundalk, Maryland

Short haired Tortoiseshell cat-mostly black w/orange highlights, white paws, orange hourglass shape on center of face, her left ear is not pointy.

Lost Cat : Mr. Mistoffelees from Sausalito, California

Small black and white cat with obvious blind right eye and walks 3 legs only....right short leg he does not use to walk. Please help, got out and lost. Rescued from living under a house before so please check under your deck, garage, any places where he might take shelter and hide if scared. He is on medication and needs to be found right away, may be sick with respiratory infection when found, scared of machines but very sweet and loves people and will come to food. Please please help me find this cat.

Lost Dog : Skip from Lutherville, Maryland

Lost Cat : Max from Roswell, Georgia

Max is skiddish around people, and may not come near anyone. Food will attract him, but he runs from people he does not know. He has a black collar with a bell and cat door magnet on it.