Found : Mr Moo from Richmond Hill, New York

Looks dirty like not meant to be living outside

Success Story : we found our dog!

Lost Dog : Alva (Ava) from Centennial , Colorado

Lost Dog : Cali from Livermore , California

Lost Capybara : Capernicus from Glen Arm, Maryland

Lost Dog : Bentley (BenBen) from Irvine, California

Bentley (BenBen) is a shy Klee Kai. This breed looks like a Miniature Alaskan Husky. There is a very good chance she is hiding in or behind a bush. She is very quite, does not bark, will not respond if called. Need to visually see her in the bush. If you find her please do not chase her but call us.

Success Story :

Success Story : 24 hours later he came home!

We were out searching and left some people at home in case he returned, and he just walked up to us! Hooray, he's home safe, thank you Lord!

Lost Dog : Rubix from Danville, New Hampshire

Success Story : Found my baby kitty today!