Found : Unknown from Atlanta, Georgia

Success Story : Niobe has been found!

  • After 2 days out by herself, Niobe ended her adventure and returned tk her foster home. We are so relieved and elated to have her back!  Thank you to everyone!

Found : Unknown from Tolleson, Arizona

Lost Dog : Bebe from minneapolis, Minnesota

Her name is Bebe pronounced BayBay. We changed it when adopting her. She is very friendly and very fast so please try to grab her slowly when you see her. She slipped out of her harness when taking her potty and bolted. Please please please any help is greatly appreciated. I love my dog and just want her back.

Lost Dog : Niobe from Ridgefield, Connecticut

Niobe is a foster for the BeFreegle Foundation and escaped from her foster's yard.

Success Story : Found him!

I found him Saturday, March 18 2017.

3 weeks later, 23 miles away.


Lost Dog : Dexter from Gray, Louisiana

Lost Dog : Paisley from Colorado Springs, Colorado

Lost Dog : Luna from Bremerton, Washington

Lost Dog : Coco from Garden City, New York

She may not have a collar on.