Find Toto – Helping Seniors and the Disabled Reunite with Their Pets

Find Toto has done a great job for several years finding lost pets and returning them to their families.  One aspect of that is how helpful Find Toto is for those who can’t get out and search on their own.  It takes over and does infinitely more than they ever could.

As the population ages, it becomes even more important for companies to find ways to serve seniors, particularly those who are shut-ins or don’t get around very well any more. The Census Bureau says that until 2030, 10,000 Americans will turn 65 every single day.  When we reach 2030, 18% of the total population will be 65+, a total of 72 million people.  Find Toto is ready to help when it is no longer safe for an elderly person to go out and walk the sidewalks trying to find his or her pet.

Find Toto is also great for the handicapped.  When they are not able to get out and search on their own for their missing dog or cat, the Find Toto service can send out a message to hundreds or even thousands of neighbors, faster than anyone else ever could.

So how does the service work?  The address where the pet was last seen gets entered into the database.  It’s used as the center of the hub that then gets drawn around to create the calling circle, a radius of usually 1 to 5 miles.  The bank of phone numbers of everyone inside that circle gets loaded into the auto dialer system, and then the system is activated.  Within minutes, everyone in that circle who has either a landline or voice over internet phone will receive a message about the missing pet. Click-to-start-call

Included in that message are a good description of the pet, the date and time the pet was last seen, a call back number, and the Find Toto website to be able to enter in any information if the pet is found.  The auto dialer tries up to four times to reach someone.  If an answering machine or voicemail picks up, the service will leave a message.  If a person answers, the message will play, with an option to replay it if necessary.

The Find Toto pet AMBER alert system is very successful, and when someone can’t go door to door, or post flyers, it becomes a powerful tool.  Even if we can’t reach everyone, we can reach the majority of people, and if they tell others about a missing pet, that expands the outreach even further.

We understand that time is of the essence and we believe that doing everything possible to get the word out as fast as it can be done is the most important part of finding lost pets.  When it’s not possible to get out and talk to neighbors, or run to the local print shop for a bunch of flyers, Find Toto stands ready to help, so the elderly, the disabled, and shut-ins can all get help finding their lost pet and reuniting with their furry loved ones fast.

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