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Did one of your pets get scared and dart out the door?  Did you wake up one morning and realize your cat wasn’t on the porch ready to come back in?  Was the gate not quite latched well enough and your dog slipped out?  Whatever the reason is, your pet is missing, and you want her back soon!  Now there is a new advacnced tool that can help you bring your pet back home quickly. is a public alert system that can broadcast your information to thousands of your neighbors in a matter of minutes.

How exactly does work?  Think of it as being like the AMBER alert system used to help return kidnapped or missing children to their families.  AMBER alerts are part of the Wireless Emergency Alert system that sends also out messages to cell phones quickly to alert as many people as possible to potential damaging weather or other critical alerts.lost pet alert

If your cat or dog goes missing, log onto and click on the link for “I lost my pet”.  It will take you to a form you can then fill out with your information as well as your pet’s information.  Be sure to be as detailed as you can.  Then, the public alert system will pull that information into the mapping software to find the appropriate circle of people to call, as well as create a message with all of the necessary information. has a constantly updated database of landline phone numbers and VoIP numbers that it uses.

We’ll start making calls to every number we can inside the radius and we’ll play the recording that will inform everyone about your missing pet.  If we aren’t able to reach someone, we keep trying, up to four times, to get through.   If we reach a voice mail service or an answering machine, we will leave a message.  Either way, when we reach someone, that person will have a chance to play back the message to get all of the necessary details.

Our database of numbers in our public alert system coupled with our powerful calling software is quite effective.  We’ve already reunited over 10,000 pets with their owners.

We also offer other tools to help you and your furry loved one reunite, including a free flyer template.  When you click the link, it takes you to a page where you can enter your pet’s name, its breed and color, when she went missing, where she was last seen, your contact details, and any other information you might want people to know.  You can also upload a photo (and should) so people can try to match up the flyer to any pets they see in the area.

As you go around your neighborhood posting the flyers, you can rest assured that the public alert system is also working on your behalf to bring your pet home quickly and safely.  We know that time matters, and we want to help you do as much as possible as quickly as possible. Public Alert System for Lost Pets

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