FindToto, now delivering lost pet alerts to computers, tablets and smartphones is now delivering lost pet alerts (they call the “Toto Alert”) to computers, tablets and smartphones in the exact city your dog cat or pet went missing.  With FindToto's technology you have been able to notify thousands of your neighbors via phone to help spread the word about your missing pet.  Now we have expanded our reach and technology to reach computers, smart phones and tablets in the exact city your pet went missing.Social Media Lost Pet Alerts

Few things feel worse than when a beloved pet goes missing.  Every minute matters as you go into search and recovery mode and now with every order you also get to reach a larger audience via the internet.

You probably have a checklist of what to do first, next, and after, but what if you don’t have to manage every step of the searching process alone?  What if your neighbors (even those you haven’t met) can help? now offers the “Toto Alert” to help put the word out about your missing pet.

As a responsible “pet parent” you probably have an emergency kit assembled and ready for emergencies, including missing pet emergencies.  That kit should include:

  • A current photo of your pet
  • Info sheet with details:  breed, sex, color, age, weight, distinguishing features
  • Contact phone numbers (you and a trusted family member or friend)
  • Safety kit
  • Veterinary office contact information

Before you begin plastering fliers around the neighborhood, contact or visit our website and the Toto Alert Packages tab.  Select ‘Start Alert’ and build a profile under ‘Build Your Phone Alert Information:

  • Pet name
  • Alert type (lost, stolen, or found alert)
  • How many pets are you alerting about
  • Type of pet
  • Pet’s gender
  • Pet’s breed & color/description
  • Date lost
  • Approximate address where pet was last seen
  • Missing city, state, zip code
  • Time zone
  • Comment
  • Pet images (upload up to three images)

Next, you will be asked for Owner Information (create user login information or indicate that you already have an account):

  • User name
  • Password
  • Name (first, last)
  • Phone number (choose your best contact number)
  • Email address
  • How did you hear about us?
  • Payment information

When all pertinent data is entered, choose how many neighbors you want to alert.  The base price is $40.00 but final cost is based on the number of alerts you request.

You’ve done your part.  Now, Toto Alert goes into action, entering the data you provided into a mapping system, pulling phone numbers for people in the radius of the mapped area, uploading the phone numbers, and activating the automated calling system.  Now we extend the search to the internet for you as well sending alerts to computers, tablets and smart phones in your city.

Neighbors within the focus area of where your pet was last seen will receive a message alerting them to the details of your lost pet, and providing a callback /contact number that you specify. Not only will neighbors be alerted to be on the lookout for your pet, but the information will be circulated to all pertinent social media as well.  You are guaranteed a call log of message/contact completion.

The FindToto's alert are even more sophisticated and have a farther reach.  Imagine the rapid spread of important information reaching a large network of people by smartphone, voicemail, live recipient, and social media – all to help make sure that your dear companion gets safely home. has helped reunite more than 30,000 pets with their families.  Put the power of their search networking capabilities to work when your pet needs help getting safely home to you.

Social Media Lost Pet Alerts

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