Have a lost or missing cat, issue a Cat AMBER Alert today

Cats are experts at a lot of things.  They are aerialists, capable of climbing up into high places.  They are perfect at hiding in places where their guardians never find them, perhaps inspiring the writers of ‘Star Trek’ to create the Klingon cloaking device.  They’re expert hunters, also.  Sometimes they go hunting out in the yard and wander too far.  Now it’s time to go looking for your pet. Cat Amber Alert

One of the tools you can use is a cat AMBER alert to get her back.  What is that, you ask?  It’s a lot like the one used for human children.  AMBER stands for America’s Missing – Broadcast Emergency Response, a acronym based on the name of a girl who was kidnapped and later killed in Texas in 1996.  AMBER alerts are released to media outlets and sent out as text messages on cell phones.  They are part of the Wireless Emergency Alert program that also sends out weather alerts based on where you are currently located.

For many of us, our cats are part of our family.  We love them and cherish them, and worry when they go missing. recognizes that and came up with a cat AMBER alert system to help you get your feline family member back.

At, there is a page to fill out with your information and your cat’s information.  Our mapping service will use the exact location you provide us as the base for where we will start making our calls.   We’ll use all of the phone numbers inside a radius based on the number of alerts you order, and we’ll call them all to alert them to the fact your cat has gone missing.  If we can’t reach someone right away, we keep trying, as many as four times, to get your message out.

In a matter of minutes, we’ll alert hundreds or even thousands of your neighbors to your missing pet situation.  If we reach voice mail, we leave a message so even if your neighbor isn’t home, he or she will still be notified.  There is a playback option at the end of our recording, so if your neighbor answers the phone and wants to get more information, the message can be replayed to be able to catch every detail.

Lost Cat pet amber alertEach cat AMBER alert has information for your neighbors to use to be able to log into our site and get contact information for you to let you know if they have found your cat.

Our tools are designed to work hand in hand with your neighborhood searches and your posting of flyers.  We even give you a free template that you can use to help create your flyer, complete with all of the information your neighbors and area vet clinics will need to be able to help look for your cat.

Our cat AMBER alerts are effective ways to help get your beloved fur baby back.  We know that the more information that can go out soon after the pet goes missing, the better your chances are of getting her back.

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