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The 'Toto Alert' is the First and Preferred Tool for Professional Dog Trackers Everywhere
In an era when distraught pet owners go to ever-greater lengths -- and expense -- to bring their animals home, it's nice to see an array of helpful tools are available at your fingertips.
Many pet owners are turning to Professional Dog Trackers. Dog trackers are highly trained handlers and dogs that can track and find a lost pet. Their goal is to reunite you with your pet as soon as possible so in addition to using tracking dogs, many are turning to the "Toto Alert" to assist them in reuniting the lost pet with their owner.

Professional Pet Tracker Kym Hurley from Atlanta offers this advice:

When making a lost pet poster or flyer, don't put too much detail on them. A proper poster features brief details, a reward and a picture (a cute snapshot of the actual animal is less useful than a clear picture of the correct breed, Hurley said). Most important, put the phone number in a towering font. Best location for posting: at intersections with traffic lights.
Use the "Toto Alert" at It is America's Original "Amber Alert" Emergency Broadcast System For Lost, Stolen, and Found Pets Put notices on Craigslist, neighborhood e-mail group lists, start a blog; and keep food in a sheltered place outside.

When missing pet owners use the "Toto Alert" in addition to posting flyers, you can rest assured that the public (neighborhood specific) alert system is also working on your behalf to bring your wondering pet home quickly and safely. We at Find Toto know that time matters, and we want to help you do as much as possible as quickly as possible. Professional Dog Trackers everywhere are using the "Toto Alert" so why shouldn't you?

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