The perfect tool for pet sitters if they lose a pet

It’s the true definition of a nightmare situation. You have been asked to pet sit for a friend or neighbor and things are going well at first. The animal is behaving itself and the two of you are having a little bit of fun. Then, just for a moment, you take your eyes of it and it’s gone!

Even the smallest of mistakes can lead to a pet escaping the house and getting lost. An open window or door can act as the perfect invitation for the animal to explore a little bit too much and before you know it the pet you were asked to look after has disappeared and you have no idea where to begin looking.missing pet while pet sitting

In situations like these time is of the essence so before you head out to start looking for the animal yourself consider taking advantage of the services offered by FindToto.

Our dedicated telephone systems are able to transmit an alert to everybody in the local area that there is a missing pet somewhere in the vicinity, ensuring that there are many more eyes and ears on the problem than there would be were you to simply conduct the search on your own.

FindToto works by taking your description and any other relevant information relating to the animal and using our advanced databases to call as many people as possible within a defined area to let them know what to look out for. Think of it as an “Amber alert” system, only this time it is for pets.

The aim of FindToto is to broadcast your message as soon as possible in the hope of finding the pet before it gets too far away or spends too much time away from its family. Once we have received your message our team will immediately begin calling, carefully measuring the calls to ensure that those who are most likely to be in an area where the animal may have wandered to are most likely to receive calls earlier.

Thousands of people have already used the system to ensure that their pets are found as quickly as possible, ensuring a safe return in as little time as possible. In fact, many of the pets are found on the same day they went missing if the alert is sent out quickly enough.

Furthermore, we also use our dedicated website to post any alerts so anybody who is on the site can check to see if there are any pets missing in their area. This ensures that as wide a net as possible is cast when searching for the animal.

Losing a pet is a devastating experience at the best of times, especially so if you have been unfortunate enough to lose somebody else’s. However, accidents to happen and when they do it is best to respond to the issue as quickly as possible using all of the tools at your disposal. FindToto is just one such tool and it is the fastest way to get the word out to the people who are most likely to be able to help.

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